Travel: Getting to Revival Fires

About the Travel Plan

Revival Fires is seeking, with the support of the TravelWise programme, to pro-actively assist travel to and from the Apostolic Revival Centre. We want to reduce congestion and provide quick, efficient and economical alternative means of transport.

We hope that this guide will be helpful in raising your awareness to a range of travel options. The Apostolic Revival Centre has a very central location in Dudley, making alternative forms of transport very accessible. Revival Fires also seeks to be a blessing to our local community, and this Travel Plan will assist us to do so.

In each of the Travel Plan pages, you can click on the maps and pre-planned routes for each alternative option and print them off to make your journey as pleasant and easy as possible. So whether you are travelling from near or far, visit regulary or rarely, there is a viable transport alternative for you!

'To work towards reducing the environment and congestion impacts of transport activities of visitor and employees.'

Car Sharing

Car sharing is two or more people commuting in one car. It can help reduce the number of cars on the road, pressure on parking and saves everyone money.
  • Use the map to the left to plan your journey to the Apostolic Revival Centre, and find the best car-parking facility.
  • Use the Lift Share website to find others wanting to car share on their journey.
  • Use the AA travelwatch website and the RAC travel services website to plan your journey.
  • Use the help2travel website for real time information about travel, traffic and trains in the West Midlands.
  • Arrange car sharing if you are visiting in a group.
  • Call the Revival Fires office to find out if there are delegates coming from your local area.
  • If you have spaces in your car, inform a Revival Fires member of staff to announce.
  • Walking

    Nationally 30% of all journeys are less than 2 miles, many of which are to and from work, or work related. Walking is cheap, healthy and reduces car parking requirements.
  • Use the map to the left. An ideal solution is to book accommodation near to the church and walk to the meetings.
  • Due to the central position of the church, walking is a very viable alternative transport.
  • Walking can be a more direct route as it does not limited by one way systems.
  • For shorter journeys, walking can be faster than driving when roads are congested.
  • Public Transport

    Public transport use reduces congestion, pollution, wear and tear on vehicles and is often quicker and cheaper. Buses in the West Midlands currently can approximately carry the equivalent occupants of 22 cars each.
  • Due to the central position of the church, public transport is a very viable alternative transport.
  • Use the website to the left to get time tables and plan your journey.
  • Revival Fires has a telephone you can use for free to call a taxi service (Castle Cars - 01384 21 33 33 / 23 99 99).
  • Dudley Bus Station is located at the bottom of Dudley High Street, a short walk from the Apostolic Revival Centre.
  • If you are arriving by plane, National Express coaches run from most airports to Dudley Bus Station.
  • Cycling

    Cycling is environmentally friendly and provides regular exercise. Storing cycles takes up less space than car parking.
  • Due to the central position of the church, cycling is a very viable alternative transport.
  • There is a bicycle rack at the Apostolic Revival Centre to ensure safe storage for your bicycle.
  • Trains

    There are eight local rail lines in the West Midlands providing fast, convenient travel.
  • Trains are particularly good if you are travelling from a further distance. There are many bus stops and taxi services running from the train stations near Dudley.

  • The closest stations to the Apostolic Revival Centre are:
  • Dudley Port Train Station
  • Sandwell and Dudley Train Station
  • Tipton Train Station
  • Aeroplanes

  • The closest airport to the Apostolic Revival Centre is Birmingham International Airport.
  • Flight Link offer the best connection service direct from the aiport to Dudley Bus Station.
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    National Rail

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    Flight Link

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