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Lighthouse Project Update, Christmas 2016

Thank you for your prayers and support for Bunu Smarin Khati,

who many of you met in March on her visit to Revival Fires in Dudley. Her amazing pioneer spirit has courageously propelled her into this first year, to set up the LightHouse-Disha Project since returning to West Bengal. You will be blessed and inspired as you read and pray over her Personal Testimony and the LightHouse-Disha Overview.

Personal Testimony from Bunu Smarin:

The year 2016 has truly been a year of double portion of blessing for me professionally, personally and spiritually. The verse that God gave me the beginning of this year was Isaiah 61 - the title of which is ‘ The Year of Lord’s Favour’. It gives me immeasurable joy to literally witness the year with all of the Lord’s Favour in my life. This did not fully make sense to me when at the beginning of the year I had put forward my decision to resign from IJM (International Justice Mission) and set forth my journey to live my dreams. I only had this one dream and vision to fight for Justice in one hand and yet innumerable fears and doubts on the other, not realising than that my Abba Father had already planned every step I was to take towards fulfiling my destiny.

My time with Revival Fires in March was marked with the Lord speaking to me so clearly, with God reiterating to me the double portion of blessing he had promised me. Now as this year is soon coming to an end I have witnessed all of God’s purpose slowly fulfilling in my life. Besides Light-House-Disha’s humble yet rewarding beginning this year I have also been blessed with a Best –Friend I will be soon marrying next year. It was overwhelming as we got engaged on 25th November in the presence of both our family and close friends in Siliguri.

Vikrant Pathak and I studied together in junior school and reconnected after over 12 years not knowing we would soon find love in each-other. What has been a real blessing is not only the fact that Love happened to me when I least expected but also the fact that God brought someone who was whole -heartedly willing to support the cause I had... my desires with all my heart to fight for that cause and work for. It has therefore truly been a Year of Lord’s Favour and Double-Portion for me to pursue my dreams and to find someone who not only loves the Lord but also is more than willing to lend me a helping hand to impact lives and live a meaningful life serving those that need love, kindness and acceptance.

LightHouse-Disha Overview 2016

  • Training programmes run in the tea plantation and tribal areas
  • Volunteers trained as field workers
  • Village Vigilant Committees trained and set up to watch over localities
  • Connections made with Police, Social Services, the Child Welfare Courts, and Government agencies
  • A good platform built for Lighthouse Project to gain visibility as an Anti-Human Trafficking Organization in Siliguri
  • Regular follow ups, preparation and planning for widening the horizon of Light-House ~ Disha’s influence
  • Registration of Light-House~ Disha as a Charitable Trust; preparation of legal and administrative processes
  • Ongoing awareness training and personal mentoring of a family and community at the Indo-Nepal border area where there is high risk of trafficking
  • Practical support to young women at risk

  • Trevor and I want to also personally thank all the sponsors - those who have prayed and given so generously to this ground-breaking ministry of setting up the Anti-Human Trafficking Organization for Revival Fires in India. You have helped to make this a reality!

    James 2:14-26 challenges us to take action in addition to having faith. You have taken action! You have embraced the challenge! You have added prayer and financial support to your faith in the good news message to see salvation and deliverance released throughout this ministry.

    May you know the Lord watching over you in your continued support of Revival Fires, Bunu and the LightHouse Project.

    For Revival
    Sharon Baker

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