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Being people focused leads to the restoration of a healthy life


Releasing believers to transform their community

God has a wonderful plan for your life! He desires to use you, to fill you with His supernatural Holy Spirit and bring His Kingdom to earth. We live for this, for every person to discover their unique identity and know they were created for a specific purpose. Revival Fires is a place where you can belong, and work out your destiny with friends, and find significance and self-worth.

Revival Fires is a growing church, conference centre and apostolic base in Dudley, UK. Revival Fires is marked by freedom in worship, up to date testimonies of God at work in people’s lives, prophetic preaching made relevant today and prayer ministry where the Holy Spirit is invited to work and move in supernatural power.

On Sundays we worship Jesus, hear testimonies of God’s goodness in people’s lives and receive Holy Spirit inspired teaching. There is also the opportunity for you to receive personal prayer at the end of the meeting. For Children & Youth, we have a separate Emerge Church programme for children between the ages of 2 and 16 years. Come be equipped and released to influence and transform the world around you.

If you are new to a meeting at Revival Fires, come say hi at the Connect In area, or download our App and click the "Register" button. Grab a coffee or tea so there’s time to chat as we get to know each other.

Thanks for visiting, we hope you find all you need here. If you don't please email us on or call the office on 01384 239 943.

Trevor & Sharon Baker

Senior Leaders, Revival Fires

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We meet weekly on

Sundays at 10.30am

At Revival Fires,
Apostolic Revival Centre
117 - 120 Wolverhampton Street
Dudley, DY1 3AL

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No Meeting

Sun 15 Dec, after the morning meeting at Revival Fires

Join us on this journey!

To all our guests and visitors, we have a meeting just for you! 'Heart-to-Heart' is our welcome meeting, an opportunity to meet the leadership team and to hear the heart and vision for the church and how you can join us on this incredible journey. Join us on Sun 15 Dec after the morning meeting, there’s a place just for you.

Please sign up at the connect in desk today or email

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Sat 8 Feb 2020, 9.00am - 3.30pm

Take your next step!

Engage and connect with the life of the church. Engage is a day of equipping and releasing to discover practical ways you can develop within the vision and ministry of Revival Fires and come alive in your destiny, complete with a Training Manual, times of prayer ministry and impartation.

Join us on the journey, Sat 8 Feb. Coffee, snacks and a light lunch is included. Please sign up at the connect in desk today or email
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Equip Training Nights

At this Life Group Term we will be creating space for the whole church to be equipped.

Join us at 7.30pm at Revival Fires on:

Tue 4 Feb
Tue 3 March
Tue 31 March
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Prayer Mornings

Tue 26 - 28 November

Prayer shifts atmospheres, changes perspectives, aligns hearts with heaven and clothes us with supernatural power!

Come join us at Revival Fires on:
Tue from 6am - 7am
Wed from 6am - 7am
Thu from 6am - 7am

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Life Groups at Revival Fires
Life Groups

Discipling through Life Experiences

Revival Fires meets every Sunday morning, and then at various times during the week in Life Groups.

What are Life Groups?

Life groups help to build relationships between people in church, and to introduce friends or those who do not yet know Christ, meeting together outside of church, in the daytime or an evening during the week.

Life Groups offer a relaxed setting where we can support and care for each other, give and receive life, and know a deeper reality of God transforming our lives. There is scope within the Life Groups for:
  • Leadership training
  • Impartation of the Holy Spirit
  • Fellowship and Evangelism

  • What is their purpose?

    To share Christ through life's experiences. Ted Haggard said "Everything God has done in our lives is unproven until it is refined and demonstrated in the midst of relationships." The Life Groups offered give the ideal opportunity for successful Christian living in increased measures and is the place where we can know discipleship through life experiences. Life Group Leaders offer a wide range of groups with varying themes, relevant to seeing the flow of life increase throughout the whole church, through deeper encounters and experiences with the Holy Spirit, and providing a practical setting for the outworking of our Christian life.

    When do they meet?

    The Life Groups run for three terms over the year: Autumn, Spring and Summer. They last an average of 10 weeks and may be developed further or start new themes each term. They take place at a variety of venues from cinemas, churches, homes and the streets!

    How do I join?

    'Sign-up Sundays', at the start of each term, offer the chance for people to see which groups are running and spend time with the leaders to hear an exciting overview of their up-coming group. Everyone can then make their choice as to which group to join for that term.

    Please email our team for a list of who is running a Life Group and which groups are running in your area.
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    Emerge Children
    Revival Fires' Kids

    An Emerging Generation

    We want to be a rising generation who take all that God has given us and the people who went before us and take it even further. We believe that all God is doing is for us today and we can make Him known to others in a fresh, powerful and living way.

    Sunday Programme

    There is an exciting place to be on Sundays for 4 - 11 year olds! This is an engaging children's programme with a team of vibrant volunteers, filled with entertaining activities, worship, group work and inspiring messages.
    We also have a play-based session with games, craft, stories and play time for 2-4 year olds.

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    Elevate Arts Academy
    Elevate Arts Academy

    Thursdays from 6pm - 7.30pm (during term time)

    Elevate Arts Academy creates opportunities for children and youth to grow in confidence, make new friendships, break out of isolation and discover skills and talents through music, performance and the arts!

    We offer the chance to learn an instrument or skill, have fun, reach new potential and to reach the next generation.

    Electives include:

    - GUITAR
    - ART
    - DANCE
    - DRAMA

    Every week, we start the evening with a meal and a conversation around relevant themes, then break into our electives and lessons to learn, practise and create. The evenings finish with a mini showcase where we celebrate the achievements. We spend the term building towards showcases at Church Big Days. We also build towards being involved in the Church and Youth worship teams.

    Due to the generosity of Revival Fires, we also have some instruments for children to take home and practise on. If you would like to give into this and see more instruments and resources available, please visit our donate page to make a gift.

    If you want to get involved, please email

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    About Revival Fires

    Revival Fires in Dudley was planted in 1998 by Trevor and Sharon Baker who have hosted renewal and revival conferences in the Midlands since 1994.

    After meeting for 7 years in the Grace Centre, God's favour and blessing opened a way for Revival Fires to aquire a new building, the Apostolic Revival Centre, where the church now meets.

    The church is marked by a freedom in worship, up to date testimonies of God at work in ordinary people’s lives, prophetic preaching made relevant to our personal lives today and prayer ministry where the Holy Spirit is invited to work in hearts and lives, as well as in physical healing.

    Revival Fires has become a centre for revival and for equipping God’s people to reach out to the lost and hurting through mercy and missions especially in Eastern Europe and India.

    Pastoral Team

    As a pastoral team, our leaders are committed to supporting you through life’s issues. If you need someone to talk to at length, or need pastoral help, this is available initially through our life groups.

    Life Groups

    We would love to have the pleasure of your company at one of our ‘Life Groups’ that meet weekly at various times and venues around Dudley. In the life groups, you can receive regular pastoral support and prayer, get to know other people from the church and receive teaching to help you grow in your faith and flourish in all that God has made you to be. If you would like to join a group, please call the office on 01384 239 943 and speak to Liz or Sarah, who will let you know which Life Groups are running in each term.

    Regular Meetings

    We meet on Sunday mornings at 10.30am. There is a trained ministry team available to pray with people during each meeting. Free tea and coffee are available after Sunday morning meetings and the coffee shop will be open before and after each meeting. There is also a great childrens and youth program which you can sign your children into when you arrive. There is no expected dress code, come as you are.


    Revival Fires hosts a number of conference gatherings throughout the year where visiting speakers come in from the nations and the UK to pour into the church. If you would like to experience more of the love, presence and power of God in your life, do come along. We do not charge a registration fee to keep our events as inclusive to all as possible, offerings will be received.

    Revival Fires in the Nations

    Revival Fires takes teams to nations such as India, France and the Ukraine. There are opportunities to go out and be a part of all that God is doing to extend His Kingdom on the earth.

    Revival Children

    Revival Fires funds an orphanage, called ‘Papa’s House’, and school in Siliguri in the North East of India. Find out how you can be a part of these children’s lives by picking up a Partner Pack in reception.


    At Revival Fires we offer many opportunities for you to serve God by getting involved in events here and giving into the life of the church and wider ministry. Feel connected to others in the church and be part of God’s plan for the local area, the UK and even the nations! Join us at our next 'Heart-to-Heart' meeting to find out ways you can connect in with the life of the church.
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    Revival Fires App
    Revival Fires App

    Let's Stay Connected

    Loaded with handy features to connect with our community, keep up-to-date with dates and social media, and help organise and run teams and rotas - download your app today by clicking a link below, or searching for “Revival Fires” in your app store.

    If you are new to Revival Fires and would like one of our team to get in touch with you, just the click the "Register" button.

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