Revival Children & Prayer Partners Christmas Update
Just over a month ago, Trevor and I returned from the North East of India where we had the joy of once again being with the Khati family for 3 weeks during October and November, both at Papa’s House with our 70 Revival Children and in the mass meetings which Benjamin and George arrange and host for us each year.

I will let George update you on our Revival Children in Papa’s House.

George Writes

Children are doing well and at the moment preparing for their Second Terminal Examination starting in December. All are busy now with their respective studies and revision.

Over the last 3 months many of the children have been affected with chicken pox, but most have now recovered and are doing well. Four Children attended our Peace and Prayer Festival (the mass meetings in Dooars) at Mahakalguri in October and they were much blessed by it. Abhishek, Ansel Toppo, Pintu Das and Monika all enjoyed every bit of it. They all danced along with Bunu, Angel, Titi, Swapna and me during the wonderful worship times we all had. They too attended the morning seminars even though they are so young! They learnt all about healing the sick and God’s power to set people free! And they enjoyed being in the long queues for food alongside all other Delegates. They prayed for sick and experienced every moment of the Revival Fires Peace and Prayer Festival at Mahakalguri. It is indeed a great exposure for them to see our mighty God doing Signs Wonders and Miracles!

This year has been a mixed bag of both high and low. We have been hit hard by the skin disease this year and other health issues. The demonetisation effect has too hit bad and we are concerned about future economic and organisational policies and restrictions that the Government is preparing to take and its implications on mission organisations.

On personally terms too I had to undergo many trails and situations but Lord of Most High was by my side and he comforted me. We praise God for His faithfulness in our lives and for His mighty protection over us. Favour has been and Is always by our side in everything we do and plan.

George’s sister Bunu was engaged in November and will marry next spring! He continues:

We are very happy and thankful to God for Bunu and Vikrant and for the wonderful persons they are. We are thankful for this God-given alliance and covenant relationship.

George also sent us these Praise Points:

  • Praise God for His favour in all our endeavours.
  • Praise God for healing our Papa's House Children.
  • Praise God for our respected and dear Trevor and Sharon – and all at Revival Fires, for all your prayer and continued support.
  • Praise God for all our Precious Sponsors for Papa's House and the Peace and Prayer Festival.
  • Praise God for all our Staffs both Teaching and Non Teaching.
  • Praise God for keeping us safe and secure all though out this year.
  • Praise God for our Dear Friends and Pastors, leaders of northeast and Well-wishers both in India and abroad and for their continued Prayers and Trust in Holy Word Ministries. We are truly blessed.

  • This week, Trevor meets up with George in Delhi to pray at the Parliament Buildings and declare a turnaround of the chaos, speaking peace that is a result of good government. They will be watching to see what the Lord is saying and standing together for the nation.

    You may have seen on international news that over the last few weeks the Indian government has withdrawn large rupee notes to try to eradicate the black market and corruption, but it has meant the demonetisation of the country. There is little cash in circulation and even though the banks are bulging they have no money to give out in exchange for the old notes. The poor are the most badly affected as most don’t have bank accounts and their money is now virtually worthless. Even much of the support we took there in November has not been able to be used or exchanged.

    Please join us in prayer this week at this crisis time. Even though Trevor has taken gifts out this week, the Khati family is not asking for money, but for the money to be released which is in there for the children. Decree Release! Decree Turnaround! Decree Supernatural Intervention!

    Thank you!

    Trevor and I want to send you our appreciation for your ongoing love, support and prayers for our India missions and Revival Children. Just like Cornelius in Acts 10 - the Lord sees your giving and your prayers and He is about to visit you in supernatural ways to reveal His purposes to you!

    Happy Christmas to all our Partners!  We pray for a very Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year on each one of our Revival Partners. God bless you abundantly with His choicest Blessings on you and all your families.

    We really hope to see you at one of our Gatherings in 2017!

    For Revival!
    Sharon Baker

    If you want to write to one of the children at Papa’s House, please address your mail to:


    Partners & Revival Children

    Revival Children

    The Vision

    Revival Fires is raising up a generation of children who will make a difference because we made a difference in their lives. Our mercy ministry provides children with a home where they are looked after and a school where they can be educated.

    The Facts

    Because of poverty 33,000 children (mostly under-five-year-olds) die every day due to preventable diseases – diarrhoea, measles, malaria, and malnutrition. That is more than one child dying every 3 seconds. 55% of all child deaths (17 million deaths a year) are just because the children are hungry. The Revival Children Programme gives you an opportunity to do something about it!

    Papa's House

    Revival Fires Orphanage, In partnership with Benjamin and Swapna Khati. Benjamin and Swapna have a vision and passion to see children established in life with a good education, and knowing the Lord Jesus Christ. We make regular visits to the Revival Fires Orphanage each year as part of our crusade and mission work in India, and our sponsors communicate with the children by letter and receive news by email. Many of these children are sponsored monthly by gifts and donations from by Revival Fires Partners and those involved with the Revival Children programme.


    Revival Fires Orphanage, In partnership with Benjamin and Swapna Khati. Benjamin and Swapna have a vision and passion to see children established in life with a good education, and knowing the Lord Jesus Christ. We are planning to extend the Revival Fires Orphanage, enabling us to provide for more children and improve the facilities available to them. Many of these children are sponsored monthly by gifts and donations from by Revival Fires Partners and those involved with the Revival Children programme.

    How can I help?


    Prayer is key to see breakthroughs in the lives of Revival Children. We ask that you pray that each child will have a revelation of Jesus Christ as their saviour.


    Through your giving, you can invest in a generation of Revival Children! Be a part of breaking the curse of poverty, disease and illiteracy which affects millions children all over the world every day. We invite you to adopt a Revival Child today!

    Your financial support will provide:
  • food
  • accommodation for homeless children
  • healthcare
  • schooling
  • loving and supportive Christian staff
  • a hope and a future

  • How much?

    Monthly support of £30 would provide food, accommodation, healthcare and an education for one child in India. One-off gifts go towards the capital cost of an orphanage and school. To build a single storey orphanage in North East India for 20 children costs £10,000.

    Adopt a Revival Child today!

    Contact us or email to find out more information about Revival Children.
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