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Regular MP3 messages from Revival Fires to encourage and equip you in your walk with Jesus.

Most Recent Podcast

Extravagant Blessing

Anna Baker-Barnes | Sun 4 February

Maturing as Children of God

Pearl Kupe | Sun 28 January

Extend from Efficiency to Extravagancy

Ryan Baker-Barnes | Sun 21 January

The Prayer of Jabez

Trevor Baker | Sun 14 January

Continue Your Story

Trevor Baker | Sun 3 December

The Voice of the Lord

Jane Hamon | Fri 17 November

The Roar of the Lord

Sharon Baker | Sun 22 October

The Trial of Faith

Trevor Baker | Sun 8 October

This Place Is Too Small

Ken Gott | Sun 1 October

The Battle for Your Identity

Ryan Baker-Barnes | Sun 10 September

Time For Awakening

Dylan Long | Sun 3 September

Revival of Worship

Ryan Baker-Barnes | Sun 16 July


Anna Baker-Barnes | Sun 2 July

Reviving the Heart of the Father

Trevor Baker | Sun 18 June

Preparing for Revival

Trevor Baker | Thu 31 May

Resolve of Revival

Trevor Baker | Sun 7 May

Transition to Commission

Anna Baker-Barnes | Sun 23 April

The Power of the Cross

Trevor Baker | Sun 16 April

Mission Above Position

Trevor Baker | Sun 19 Feb

Watching Over Your Relationships

Ryan Baker-Barnes | Sun 15 Jan

How to Watch Over Your Life

Sharon & Trevor Baker | Sun 8 Jan

Beyond Breakthrough

Jane Hamon | Sun 20 Nov

A New Impartation

Trevor Baker | Sun 16 Oct

A New Stirring

Trevor Baker | Sun 25 Sept

Children of the Champion

Anne Tate | Thu 15 Sept

Position & Perspective: Being Presence Centred

Ryan Baker-Barnes | Sun 4 Sept

Barrier Breakers, Obstacle Overcomers

Trevor Baker | Sun 28 Aug

The Abiding Presence

Trevor Baker | Thu 7 July

Season of Hope

Barbara Yoder | Sun 3 July

Stepping Into God's Timeline

Ryan Baker-Barnes | Sun 12 June

Place of Open Heaven

Trevor Baker | Sun 5 June

River of Transition

Brian Long | Sun 29 May

Defining Vision

Trevor Baker | 8 May 2016

Get Off The Shelf

Ryan Baker-Barnes | 1 May 2016

River of Revelation

Trevor Baker | Thu 21 April 2016

River of Increase

Trevor Baker | Thu 14 April 2016

River of Devotion

Trevor Baker | Sun 10 April 2016

Gifts of the Spirit

Know It, Work It, Grow It | Ryan Baker-Barnes | Sun 20 March 2016

Gifts of the Spirit

Understanding Dreams | Barbie Breathitt | Sun 13 March 2016

Ministry Gifts

Ask for the Best | Trevor Baker | Sun 28 Feb 2016

Walking in Devotion

Anna Baker-Barnes | Sun 21 Feb 2016

Walking in Healing

Richard Bramble | Thu 11 Feb 2016

Walking In Worship

Ryan Baker-Barnes | 4 Feb 2016

Walking By The Spirit

Anupam Narjinary | 28 Jan 2016

Freedom For Your Boundaries

Ryan Baker-Barnes | 20 Dec 2015

Freedom For The Captives

Trevor Baker | 13 Dec 2015

Healing Brokenness

Trevor Baker | 6 Dec 2015


Anna Baker-Barnes | 29 Nov 2015

Grace To Overcome

Trevor Baker | 22 Nov 2015

Victory Out Of Defeat

Trevor Baker | 15 Nov 2015

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